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Fastweb Scholarship Search
Scholarships play an important role in higher education as they provide financial aid to continue education. Scholarships can be granted on the basis of merit, need, social or institutional interests to attract students for a particular course of study. There are lots of scholarship opportunities available around the world.

On this page you will find many organizations and institutions providing financial assistance for students

Scholarship Power System A simple system that provides scholarships to students in need without charging them a penny

College Scholarships

scholarships from universities/college

Student Grants

Lots of funding sources for students

Study abroad Grants

scholarships abroad

Scholarship info

Scholarships and financial aids for students

GRE Preparation guide Get good score in GRE and open the door for scholarships in different universities.

FindAPhD.com is a comprehensive guide to current research and PhD studentships. Our database contains details of research topics from many major universities and institutions throughout Europe.

College Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degrees Information on college scholarships and financial aid, featuring a free college scholarship

FinAid & Scholarships FinAid's Guide to Scholarships includes information about the best free scholarship searches, unusual scholarships, pretigious scholarships, scholarships

Guaranteed Scholarships and Financial Aid A listing of scholarships guaranteed by individual colleges to all admitted students meeting the criteria listed

Scholarships.com Free College Scholarship Search, Financial Aid College financial aid at Scholarships.com, college scholarship search with our free online college scholarship search. Financial aid, education loans.

Many University and colleges have scholarships grants. You can directly contact the Universities also


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